Info about ordering, payment and shipping :


From our customers from abroad, we accept the following payments :

Paypal, Done to our paypal-account :

You can do this in 2 ways : 
1. Transfer done as "Paying for goods" with full paypal-insurance =
     Then you have to order shipment with full insurance.  
      If the ordervalue is more than DKK. 4800,- then you have to pay for extra shipping (Please ask)
      Price for option 1. is : Total + 6 % (fees for paypal)

2. Transfer done as "Transfer to family or a friend" =
    Then you can choose any shippingoption you prefer, and there is no fee to paypal.


 For your confidence : Please view our customerfeedbacks on trustpilot :


From our customers inside the EU we also accept :

1. Banktransfer to IBAN : DK0320005499694891 SWIFT : NDEADKKK 
    ALL EU-PAYMENTS : Please do transfer in Euros (not in danish krones DKK.) This to avoid any bankfees.
     If you make an EU-payment in DKK. then our bank will charge us dkk. 50,- (in bankfees), because then it is not considered as an eu-payment.
     Please note : 1 euro = DKK. 7,39


Please remember to do payment within 3 bankdays, or write to us, if your payment needs accept of delay.

Shippingoptions :


Country Form Max. Weight Tracking Insurance Price in DKK.
EU Parcel 1 kilo Yes Upto DKK. 4800 200,-
EU Parcel 5 kilos Yes Upto DKK. 4800 285,-
Worldwide Letter 100 grams NO NO (Customers risk) 45,-
Worldwide Letter 2 kilos Yes NO (Customers risk) 140,-
Worldwide Parcel 1 kilo Yes Upto DKK. 4800,- 285,-
Worldwide Parcel 5 kilos Yes Upto DKK. 4800,- 525,-