Info about ordering, payment and shipping :


From our customers from abroad, we accept the following payments :

Paypal, Done to our paypal-account :

You can do this in two ways : 
1. Transfer done as "Paying for goods" with full paypal-insurance =
     Then you have to order shipment with full insurance (and to some countries that is even not possible,                please ask before ordering)  
      If the ordervalue is more than DKK. 4500,- then you have to pay for extra shipping (Please ask)
      Paypalfees for this option is : Total 4 to 7 % or so (stated when ordering)

2. Transfer done as "Transfer to family or a friend" =
    Then you can choose any shippingoption you prefer, and there is no fee to paypal.
    When ordering, then Please choose paymentoption "Kontooverførsel" wich means Banktransfer,
    Because then you are not charged Paypalfee when ordering (4 to 7 % depending on ordervalue). 


 For your confidence : Please view our customerfeedbacks on trustpilot :


From our customers inside the EU we also accept :

1. Banktransfer to IBAN : DK0320005499694891 SWIFT : NDEADKKK 
    ALL EU-PAYMENTS : Please do transfer in Euros (not in danish krones DKK.) This to avoid any bankfees.
     If you make an EU-payment in DKK. then our bank will charge us dkk. 50,- (in bankfees), because then it is not considered as an eu-payment.
     Please note : 1 euro = DKK. 7,39


Please remember to do payment within 3 bankdays, or write to us, if your payment needs accept of delay.

Shippingoptions :


Country Form Max. Weight Tracking Insurance Price in DKK.
EU Parcel 1 kilo Yes Upto DKK. 4500 220,-
EU Parcel 5 kilos Yes Upto DKK. 4500 300,-
Worldwide Letter 100 grams NO NO (Customers risk) 45,-
Worldwide Letter 2 kilos Yes NO (Customers risk) 140,-
Worldwide Parcel 1 kilo Yes Upto DKK. 4500,- (if possible) 300,-
Worldwide Parcel 5 kilos Yes Upto DKK. 4500,- (if possible) 560,-